Monday, 24 February 2014

Morrissey Reading

This a purely gratutious post on my part. As I mentioned in my last post, if I like a character or an author, or in this case, a famous singer, then I like to see what they like to read [or liked to read in the past] so here are pictures of Morrissey reading [or posing with books anyway] when he was younger. Enjoy! 

Seems to be a fan of Oscar Wilde...

  Apparently, 1985 was inspired by George Orwell's 1984. In fact, it's meant to have the same premise. Looks intriguing.

Not to be confused with The Happy Prince. Of all the books featured, this one seems the most interesting to me and one I'm most likely to try. 

I have no idea what this one actually is. If anyone knows, tell me.

Finally, a work from the man himself. I am intending on reading this, although it looks a bit long and I've heard that the first half of the book is fantastically interesting....but the other half is apparently not. Who knows? I may do this as my first full on review on here, as so far I've merely offered suggestions of what to read, and how I choose what I read, rather than given a proper English student style review....

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