Friday, 13 June 2014

10 signs you're a bookworm

Think you might be a bookworm? Here's ten signs that you definitely are one:

1. You're a member of more than one library. 

I'm a member of five [oooh, get me] but I only take out books from two of them at the to get to the other three I would have to trek into the darkest reaches of North West London [and as I live in South West London it's just much more convenient to walk to my locals]. I do miss my other libraries though, particulary Ealing library...that one had so many good books!

2. People buy you book vouchers as presents.

Sadly this doesn't happen to me as much as it used to, but as a child a lot of my 'thankyou' letters started off 'Thank you so much for the voucher to buy books'...Mind you, as a child if I was given any money at Christmas or on my birthday I would spend it on books, so it wasn't actually necessary to give me money in book voucher form. I certainly didn't need to be persuaded to read more.

3. You like long-haul flights as it means lots of time to read

I managed to start and finish three [relatively short] books on a long-haul flight once [they were all easy reads in a series] and because I enjoyed the books I remember it fondly as being a very good day. I'm hoping to have a similar experience on my long-haul flights this summer.  

4. You check out other people's bookshelves

If you invite me to your house I will definitely give your bookshelf the eye, probably quite a few times. Every time I'm at work I can't help but scan my boss's books [even though I've worked there for three years and I'm very familar with her shelves]. I just like looking at books - I like them to be present. If I go to a house and I can't see any books then I feel the house is lacking something. Luckily pretty much every house I visit has at least some books - it's actually pretty rare for me to encounter a bookless house. 

5. You feel sad when you finish a series you loved

It was a sad day indeed the day I finished the Harry Potter series. As I don't usually reread books and I don't like fan fiction when I finish a series it's really over, and I often do feel a sense of loss that I won't get to encounter the characters in quite the same way again.

6. You get crushes on characters in books

There are a lot of attractive men to be found within the pages of books. Atticus Finch is just so intelligent and brave, Mark Darcy is so sweet, Edward Cullen is just so intense and Westley is so suave and capable.High five if you know who all of these men are!

Westley being suave.

7. You get crushes on people reading books

If I see a good-looking man, then I probably will stare at him a bit. If I see a good-looking man reading a book, then I definitely will. You don't need to be an avid reader for me to fancy you [I have gone out with people who weren't remotely interested in books], but it certainly helps to elevate your hotness level. Case in point [although to be fair, Morrissey will always be hot, wether he reads or not].  

 8. If you're sad you read to make yourself feel better

Click here for my books to cheer you up.

9. You take books with you everywhere.

For instance, I usually have a book in my bag when I go clubbing. It's for the nightbus...nightbuses take ages. I also take books to work, books to other people's houses and I even read in the bath [I would advise you not to drop books in the bath, librarians DO NOT like this]. 

An expert bath reader... and I want to look at his shelves [that's not meant to sound weird. I do not fancy this guy in the slightest even if he is reading].
10. People associate you with reading.

I talk about books a lot [in case you hadn't noticed] and so people know that reading is one of my great passions. I am known for being a big reader - everyone who knows me knows that I love books [in fact even a lot of people I've met just the once know I love books]. If people know you love reading, then you are most definitely a bookworm!   

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