Sunday, 30 March 2014

Writing without Readers

For the past few weeks I've neglected this blog, because I've felt disheartened at the lack of readers. It's difficult to keep on writing new posts each week when it feels like you're just writing into a void, with no-one there, and when your main source of blog traffic is spam. I realize it's partly my fault that I don't have a huge readership, and that is because I haven't really focused on the social media aspect of blogging. In this day and age, it's very difficult to get anywhere without a lot of self -promotion and so from now on, I will be putting each new blog post on facebook. Hopefully, this will generate more followers and a greater degree of interest in my writing. However, even if it doesn't, I came to the conclusion today that even without readers, writing is still a worthwhile activity in itself. I love being able to express myself through this medium, it is always immensly satisfying for me to put pen to paper on in this case to type out my thoughts. Yes, I ultimately want to get published, and have a career as a writer, but even if that dream never becomes a reality, all the many hours in my life that I have spent writing and creating have been fulfilling ones, and I hope to continue to enjoy writing for myself for years to come. 

    A detail from an empty notebook I have, waiting to be filled with ideas!     


Anonymous said...

Keep blogging away you will get there my dear. I can't wait for my free signed copy of your first book. Don't worry I'll buy several copies too - Katie Lee

Sarah Ashman said...

Thanks for the comment! And yes you can definitely have a copy of my book if it becomes published. You don't have to buy several copies, but that is kind of you!

Rita said...

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Sarah Ashman said...

Thanks for the comment Rita! I will definitely check your blog out!