Friday, 4 April 2014

Colouring Book

If I could actually draw, then I would love to work as an illustrator. I like working alone and creating new worlds [which is why I want to be a writer] and successful illustrators get to do that every day. Since I can't draw all that well, I have purchased a colouring book called Secret Garden by Johanna Basford so that I can still express myself artistically without actually having to worry about whether the picture is any good or not. Simply colouring in may not sound like a very creative activity, but choosing which colours to use where allows the brain to organize itself, and I feel that whilst I'm colouring, my subconscious mind is busy thinking of new ideas for stories and blog posts. Colouring in is certainly not just for children either, the book I have bought is full of drawings which are very intricate in their design and are clearly aimed at adults and teenagers as most children would struggle to stay within the lines [in fact I've been struggling to stay inside the lines as my pens keep bleeding over the edges!]. Colouring in is a very calming activity and I would reccommend that anyone who is feeling stressed should give it a whirl.

     Here's one I'm in the middle of.


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