Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blogging is not a waste of time

I've been writing this blog for nearly a year now, and it's true to say that blogging has really helped me as a writer in more ways than one. Here's why I think blogging isn't a waste of time:

1. It teaches you discipline

To be a good writer, you must write regularly. Writing this blog on a weekly basis is a commitment; one that I choose to uphold as much as possible. Honouring this commitment gets me in the frame of mind to complete my other writing projects; it's like a snowball effect. Writing this blog quite simply makes me want to write more. I've definitely been more productive in 2014 in terms of how frequently I'm writing, and that is all because of Candleandbook.    

I like this's not over the top.

2. It makes you more creative

Thinking of new ideas for blog posts week in, week out can be quite challenging, but it has definitely made me more creative. Having to think of new material constantly for this blog means that my brain is now faster at generating new ideas, and I find that I hardly ever get writer's block these days. Ideas seem to attract more ideas.


3. It gets your work noticed

This blog actually got me a writing job, since my boss saw it and asked me to write for her PR company part-time. If I hadn't been writing this blog she would have no idea that she'd liked my writing style; this blog effectively showed what I can do - if you're a creative person, blogging is a great platform to show off....and you never know where it might lead.


4. It gives you the space to experiment

I think that blogging allows writers an opportunity to play around a bit, which again is great for creativity. No other forum gives you such complete creative control, and having the chance to experiment with ideas on a regular basis helps me work out what I enjoy writing about, and what I don't. Blogging also teaches me things that will help me professionally, such as the importance of SEO and key words, but it does it in a way that is fun.

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