Thursday, 4 December 2014

Would You Rather Book Quiz

I've got that end of term feeling, even though the end of term is not until next week for private schools [and not for two weeks for state schools] and I'm not even at school! I suppose it's because I look after children, and like me, they seem rather keen for it to be the holidays. At this time of year, when I was at school [both at primary and secondary school], the teachers couldn't really be bothered with actually teaching, and they would either roll out huge televisions and let us watch pointless films or they would let us play with board games or do quizzes until finally we could stop pretending to be learning something and were allowed to run free. So, I thought that since I'm not really in the mood to actually work, [not that I really think of this blog as work - it's actually the most fun thing in my life at the that sad?] that I would do a 'Would You Rather Book' quiz on here. If you've read the books, you can play along at home and let me know your choices in the comments. Warning: this quiz will probably be quite girly....and short.

The Quiz   

1. Would you rather marry Mister Darcy from Pride and Prejudice or Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones?

They are essentially the same character, since Mark Darcy is loosely based on Mister Darcy, but since I don't want my man to be stuck in the past with Georgian values, I'd pick Mark Fielding succeeds in making Darcy seem rather more likeable than Austen does. To be honest though, I'd probably still say yes to the other one.

Colin Firth as Mark Darcy

2. Would you rather be friends with Jo, Amy, Meg or Beth in Little Women? 

Jo of course! Amy is a snob, Beth is so pure it's irksome and Meg is forgettable [I can't actually remember what she's like] whereas Jo is full of passion and fire, and wants desperately to be a writer - I think we would get on brilliantly!

Winona Ryder as Jo March

3. Would you rather belong to the house of Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw from Harry Potter?

Ok, so everyone wants to be in Gryffindor, and hardly anyone in their right right mind wants to be in Slytherin, but it's harder to choose between the other two houses in Harry Potter. I personally would rather be in Hufflepuff, since they champion hard work, kindness and tolerance [which I feel are commendable traits], but Ravenclaw is not without merit as they value intelligence and wit. Could be a tricky one for Potter fans....   
Hufflepuff crest.

4. Would you rather be forced to read Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust or Finnegans Wake by James Joyce?

I've vowed to never attempt another Joyce so long as I live [since Ulysses was so unreadable] but Proust doesn't look like much fun either, but it's probably the lesser of the two evils.

5.  Would you rather spend the rest of your life not able to watch a film ever again or not able to read a book ever again?

Easy peasy! I'd much rather never watch another film than have to go the rest of my life without reading another book....

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