Friday, 9 January 2015

Blog Birthday!

Candle and Book turned one this week! I feel proud of myself for persevering with it, because when I was a child I was constantly stopping and starting creative projects, but Candle and Book is here to stay! In order to celebrate the blog's first birthday, I thought I would share links to my five favourite posts of the past year; you can check them out whilst listening to Altered Images below:

1. Ways That Books Have Helped Me

"Yesterday I was feeling incredibly lonely and miserable so I stopped off at Foyles on the way home. I had a book in mind [Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse by the Comedian David Mitchell] which I knew would comfort me..."

2. What It's Really Like Working In A Bookshop

"Three years ago, before I was a nanny, I worked part-time in a university bookshop. Now, you would think that since I love people and I love books, that working in a bookshop would be my dream job [and before I started working there, so did I!] but actually working in a bookshop wasn't that much fun..."

3.  Things Not To Say To Aspiring Writers

"We all know creative people - there will be at least someone in your group that will want to write, draw, paint, make music, make films or photograph [or something equally creative] for a living. That person needs your can be difficult enough believing in and pursuing a dream at the best of times, without someone saying something unhelpful or negative to them...."  

4. On The Awesomeness Of Libraries 

"Being a bookworm, it is unsurprising that I have a huge fondness for libraries and have done, ever since I was a small child. I'm sure that many blogs dedicated to books and writing have done a feature on this topic, but libraries are so important to me, I couldn't resist doing one of my own...

5. Life After Travel

"Part of me is still in travelling mode; whilst I am glad to be back in London [it's so lovely having my bed back for one thing] there are certain things I miss about being on the road..."

Thanks for keeping this blog going by reading it - here's to the next year!

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