Saturday, 3 January 2015

Writing Daydreams

Hello and welcome back to Candle and Book! I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions as I never ever stick to them, but being a writer means that I spend half my time day dreaming about things that I'd like to happen in my career. I know that my daydreams are unlikely to come true [but hey, you never know] but I derive joy from just imagining the possibilities of where my words could take me. I'd thought I'd share some of my writing daydreams [not resolutions] with you, because I'm a generous soul...

Daydream 1 - Having a Play put on at the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square

I've only seen one play at the Royal Court, but the experience has stayed with me. I feel that the venue would be perfect for my work - the stage where I saw the play is intimate and smallish; the audience could see everything that's going on - it's a really immersive theatre. When watching the play there I got so lost in the story that I sort of forgot my friend was sitting beside me, and when they turned the lights on, I felt like I'd been away on a trip. I can see the play I'm currently writing being performed there - in fact I visualise that one stage in particular whenever I write it. I'm also interested in the Royal Court because they really believe in giving new writers a chance...which means that maybe, just maybe..this dream isn't as far fetched as it sounds.

Daydream 2 - Being interviewed by the Sunday Times Magazine

This fantasy goes back years. When I was eleven, I decided that being interviewed by the Sunday Times was the ultimate sign that you'd made it as a creative person, and I still do think that. Sadly, I don't think my work is highbrow enough for this dream to become reality, but if it ever does happen, I'll be prepared with my answers and ready to talk for hours...

Daydream 3 - Writing in a beautiful old house that I happen to live in

I can picture this one so clearly it sometimes does feel like it's already happened. In the fantasy, I'm about thirty -five years old, sitting at an old, and worn desk, in a light and airy room, which has white walls and contains shelves and shelves of books. The floor is wooden and creaks a lot. My desk is situated beneath a large window which overlooks a wild and tangled garden. It's a grey, Winter's day [my favourite kind of day] and there's a large mug of steaming coffee beside me. I am perfectly content, sitting at this desk, and I'm creatively inspired, typing away, lost in my own world of words.

Daydream 4 - Being published

This is of course the ultimate writer's dream, but also one that I can imagine clearly. I can see myself getting the news that I'm going to be published in an email, and then rushing to the phone to tell people my news. I can see myself signing the contract, and feeling jubilant when I hear about my first sales. Of all the fantasies I've talked about, this one would probably mean the most to me if it came true.

Do any of you have writing daydreams? Or daydreams relating to another vocation?

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