Sunday, 15 March 2015


Regular readers may have noticed a few changes to this blog. I've changed the cover photo and title, [with the help of the awesome Michael] though the website address will still be the same so you can still find your way here. I've also only got a few categories now, instead of the 30 or so I had before. I've done this to reflect the fact that I want this blog to encompass more than just books and writing - I want it be a place where I can also share my thoughts on living in London, my travel adventures and my general musings as well.

I initially chose to write about just books and writing because I thought it would be helpful for me to have a narrow focus, as my previous blogs were a bit of a mish - mash, there was nothing tying the posts together, no common thread. The narrow focus did help me for a bit, it enabled me to discuss two of my greatest passions at great length, which is something I really enjoyed doing, but now I want to talk about some of my other passions as well, since they've been creeping into this blog more and more recently. I will still be talking about books and writing, but now travel and life in London will be given equal weighting, as I think it will keep the blog fresh and interesting...

I hope you enjoy watching this blog evolve with me...

Here's To New Horizons

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